The Matrix Mk. II Speaker Cable

The Matrix Mk. II Speaker Cable

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The Matrix Mk. II:

A simple-yet-elegant thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube in a coaxial arrangement of pure-copper woven tubes. The Positive Leg of the speaker cable contains a braid of pure bare copper wire, and an air tube with a Nami-formed Matrix conductor inside (see below). The Return Leg of the speaker cable consists of a braid of pure bare-copper wire alone. This coaxial arrangement of thin, braided copper tubes ensures minimization of skin effect and proximity effect, low inductance.

Matrix Conductor: An intricate and delicate braid of 32 individually-enameled pure copper solid strands, braided on a special machine that we had custom-manufactured foe the purpose. Matrix Mk. II is carefully formed in-house into an undulating "nami" wave pattern before being hand-run through the PTFE tube.

Terminated with XOX direct-gold-plated pure copper bananas.

XOX Spade-adapters optional.

All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

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