Lupo III / Silverwolf Power Cord

Lupo III / Silverwolf Power Cord

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Twin-Core power cord suspends a fully-annealed (dead soft) 14awg 99.999% PURE SILVER solid-core conductor within a double-shielded air/teflon tube, and a dead-soft 14awg pure copper enameled solid core conductor in a separate double-shielded air/teflon tube. Each line is individually jacketed, and then these are twisted together by hand. The shields are continuously conductive with the ground-plane, and sum to 9awg!

WattGate™ 320 evo power-plug terminations (IEC, 15A NEMA, Schuko available.)

OYAIDE 004 Series Optional (IEC, 15A NEMA, Schuko available.) 

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