Coppertone RCA

Coppertone RCA

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Coppertone RCA Interconnect: True to the Airwave motif, we Nami-process the central solid-core copper signal conductor so that it will remain substantially suspended in air when hand-run through our Teflon/Air tube. Surrounding the signal-tube is a Tin-Plated Copper shield, and the entire form is then jacketed in a multifilament-nylon yarn braid.

Terminated with Lovecraft MINI RCA connectors. 

The Black Cat entry level Coppertone RCA interconnect and banana terminated speaker cables are simply amazing bargains.  We think they redefine the entry level high end cable price to performance ratio. ~ Fair Hedon

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From a customer in Zagreb:

Good evening, To whoever might be bothered to read: I am what you - presumably - call a budget music lover. I life time vinyl collector, Detroit techno afficionado from Eastern Europe, I've always invested money in black wax rather than "the other stuff". Regardless, even if when I wanted to invest in something that WhatHiFi and similar would review, or deem worth owning, it'd cost 25 records worth... Which is a no-no in my book. Plus, I am a welder in Zagreb (Croatia), so already buying records is taking food off my table, let alone accessories.

Anyways, as every person who holds their record collection dear, my dream was to provide my precious vinyl with the best possible accessories I could afford. For years, stuff like Nodost or Transparent has been a wishful thinking type of a deal for me. Watching cables cost as much as a bulk of a collection you spent years building seemed ridiculous. Anyways, Mr. Sommovigo and his products have always been there at all the festivals, all the presentations, all the you-name-it as the real, connoisseur stuff once all the hype and glamour is gone.

Well, could be, I thought, but given the fact the man sells cables at a price that exceed my yearly rent, I always thought this stuff would be something I'd always be hearing and reading about, but never touch.

Not to prolong. Today, I am a proud owner of the Black Cat speaker cable and Interconnect, the Coppertone series. I know that to you guys it might be the cheapest thing you've ever done, but trust me, you have finally enabled me, if even for a moment, the entrance into this "high end" world. Although I paid through the nose for it at the HD Multimedia shop, I wanted to give you all a HUGE virtual hug and a massive THANK YOU for putting out on the market something for the common man, if you so wish to put it. The cables are first league, top tier material, here's to another few decades, and I might even move up to the more expensive ones.

Sincerely yours, Martin


From a customer in Ohio:

AWESOME CABLE!!!!  It’s earned the coveted “Eight Thumbs Up!” award.
I have 2 golden-eared audio buddies that are extremely reliable when it comes to listening and reporting exactly what they hear. My wife gets the same description.

We ALL heard the same differences when compared to my [famous cable brand redacted] that have been in place since they first came out – probably 25 years ago. As I mentioned, the [famous cables] were the highest rated interconnects at the time…but times, and cable development have moved ahead.

What differences did we hear?

In direct comparisons to the [famous cables], the Coppertones have more “air,” better transients – especially above 3khz, better defined instrument locations, and tighter bass response and decay. Better in every conceivable way, actually. I don’t even want to think what your more advanced (read expensive) cables can do ...

It really is a significant improvement over my long-loved [famous cables]. I’m actually quite surprised – pleasantly, of course.

~ Dave J. 


From a customer in New York City:

Hey Chris,
Just wanted to say thank you for the cables and that I hope you are enjoying a fantastic weekend.
... for now, feeding a Chord DAC direct into a pre-production LTA Ultralinear with volume control into even my woefully inefficient backup Spendors and the cables sound great, great, great (and are truly beautifully crafted).
My [famous name] and [exotic brand] cables don’t hold a candle to these. They just sound live. What you do is so appreciated.
Many thanks from a happy customer,
~ Alex


All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.