3202 RCA or XLR

3202 RCA or XLR

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A Matrix-32 outer shell forms the signal layer. Comprised of 32 individually-enameled pure copper strands braided into a very fine tube of counter-rotating helices around a thin-walled PTFE ("Teflon") tube. An AERON layer (nylon/air) is deposited over the matrix conductors, and a nylon jacket is braided over this whole assembly.

A thin, enameled copper Airwave™ conductor, Nami-processed to ensure that it remains substantially suspended in the air, is run down the center of the PTFE tube.

(terminated with our "Lovecraft Mini" RCAs or Neutrik XLRs)

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All of our cables are made to order by Chris Sommovigo, personally. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.


• “Hi Chris, This email is long overdue getting to you but I'm not really good at describing cable experiences.  I tend to evaluate my system as a whole and it's sometimes difficult for me to pinpoint what the cables are contributing.  But I do have a story for you about the 3202 interconnects you made for me.
I recently bought a Schiit SYS passive preamp simply to use as a switching device between my phono stage and my DAC.  I had the 3202 running from the passive output to my amp.  I had read somewhere that with a passive pre you want to keep the interconnect length it has to drive as short as possible, so I swapped out the 3202 and used some cheap 6 inch [name redacted] interconnects that were made by [name redcated].  Fast forward a few days and I'm listening to my system and it sounds... not good.  The treble sounds rough, the soundstage is constricted, dynamics have taken a slight hit.  My vintage 1971 Sansui amp was sounding like it was showing its age.  Then I remembered I did that cable swap a few days prior and I put the 3202 back in the chain between the passive and the amp.  Wow.  Everything I liked about my system immediately returned, smoother treble, deeper soundstage, deeper and harder hitting bass.  It was not subtle, it really sounded like a component swap.  I know a comment like that seems ridiculous but I can't deny what I heard.  It was easily reproducible and obvious to hear.  Of course, it should be no contest between a $20 interconnect and a $600 interconnect, but as you know, there are some folks who think you will hear no difference between the two and will scream "snake oil" at anyone who claims otherwise.  Those folks need to come to my house.  
Anyway, thank you for helping my system sound great.  It's now much more "clear" to me what your cables bring to the table.
~ Matt S. / Des Moines, IA
PS - also welcome back to the USA.  Although I have to admit it was kind of cool buying cables from you in Japan.  I was playing my stereo when my sister was visiting from Japan recently. She said "it sounds like Jam Jam in here".  Jam Jam is the name of her local Japanese jazz record bar in Osaka that she and her husband occasionally visit.  Another compliment to your cables!”
•"My first reaction to this cable was a resounding WOW! I have used many different brands of cables that were in the 3-4k range and these were just far and away the best for clarity and 3-D imaging! It is definitely a "you are there!" soundstage." 
~ Guy Bombardier / Quebec, CA
• "The 3202 has raised the bar high and set a new benchmark in its class. BravoIt's an amazing cable. It doesn't even sound like it was built at a price!"
~ Timothy N. / Singapore
• "... perhaps the [3202]'s greatest strength - unraveling all the information and clarifying musical lines. A congested mass becomes understandable individual players with light on them. Soundstaging is big and spacious with lots of depth.
... the effect of my Black Cat wired phono system is mesmerizing."
~ James D. // ON, Canada
• " ...without doubt the best decision I have  made when buying an interconnect. If you are thinking about a new cable then in my opinion don't hesitate as it just makes you want to play more albums than you possibly did before even right through."
~ John S. // UK


• "It all works. I love these and what they do with our music. I can't recommend these highly enough. A solid audition to those who are looking for the best, but cannot afford the multi-thousand-dollar options. A true reference cable for under $5.k" - Dave Clark, Positive Feedback 

• "The Black Cat Cables 3202 and 3232 are first-class connectors that you should consider for fine tuning between high-quality components - especially when you need resolution, dynamics, precision, and control.

The speaker cable Black Cat 3232 is a real price-performance tip. If clarity and resolution are required, this connector is far ahead of the pack. I would rate the NF cable Black Cat 3202 even a class higher. With their striking openness, detail, unrestrained dynamics and precise control, the optically inconspicuous connectors also play in the top league of low-frequency cables. Again, the price seems more than fair considering the bidding." ~ MARTIN MERTENS, Fairuadio.de


"So, thinking about Chris Sommovigo's cables, think about them in the context of expensive, elaborate systems. That's where they belong. As I see it the 3202 and 3232 truly deserve out RED Fingerprint." ~ Wojciek Pacula, High Fidelity